First Cup Coffee Ltd

First Cup Coffee Ltd (FCC)

Was established in 2016 with sole purpose of serving the Best Premier Specialty Coffee to both local and international markets. It’s was founded by two young adventurers (Businessmen) i.e. Mr. Abdirizak Awel Mohammed and Mr. Ahmed Abdalla Boss. They literally made coffee their first cup growing up and that’s how they coined the brand name as ‘FIRST CUP COFFEE’. Being young entrepreneurs from Northern Kenya where coffee is not grown, they set on a mission to find out where best coffee is and made it to Mount Kenya region in Central Province where they got the best grown and harvested through best practices hence bought their first batch of green coffee which they blended and developed 5(five) brands namely; Premium, Classic, Italian East African and Economy for various market segments.

These brands have the best aroma and flavor that when cupped give great pleasure and now forms the specialty that are in the markets. It’s now a practice to source, select high quality green coffee from Kenya and other East Africa countries for both local consumption and export.

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