Shipping Procedure

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Upon selecting the best bean we ensure a smooth and cost effective delivery/ Shipping.

For every sale, we offer samples, this can either be:

  • Stock lot sample – sample of coffees already in our inventory
  • Type sample – a presentation sample of what the market offers for approval of purchase.

Upon approval of the samples, below are the steps we follow;

Contract signing – both parties signs a sales contract as per EEC 1997 terms and conditions.

Shipment procedures

  • Shipping line – booking is done as per customer’s preferred shipping line company. The customer may negotiate the ocean freight rates or we can on their behalf.
  • Inspection – we engage a third party such as SGS to supervise; cleaning and disinfecting and tallying as well as the quality and grade stipulated in the sales contract. A certificate is issued to this effect.
  • Container Fumigation- upon request
  • Chemical analysis – the Kenya plant Health Inspectorate Services, government regulatory body, is provided with as a sample for analysis and issues a certificate to this effect.
  • Container Loading and sealing – When stuffing coffee into the container we leave room for air circulation. The standard weight for a 20’ foot container is 19,200 kegs.
    Sealing is done in presence of the seller, warehouse agent and SGS representatives and photo evidence taken.
  • Transportation to Mombasa port – road or rail.
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